Project type: Conference Rooms, Cambridge
Film type: Opalux Privacy Screening Film
Many companies need a secluded room where confidential business can be conducted in a quiet environment.
These conference rooms in Cambridge technology centre gave this facility but lacked total privacy because visual contact could be made through the glazing partitioning around the perimeter of each room.

To over come the problem once and for all, a privacy screening film with a finely textured translucent matt finish, which stops visual contact, has been installed on the face of the glazing. A clear strip has been left at intervals on each glazed panel to divide the area into smaller units and give just enough visibility to establish whether the room is occupied. Previous to installing the window film, vertical louvre blinds had been used on the inside face of the partitions. During the working day , some of the rooms had their blinds closed while others had them open, giving the corridor an untidy appearance.

The use of window film gives the partition a uniform look and enhances the overall appearance, as well as providing privacy.

To personalise the glazing, the client’s corporate logo was cut into the film before it was installed on the corridor doors.