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Coolglaze has been serving the commerical and the domestic community since 1985. As well as bring respected by rivals and customers alike for the excellent product guarantee, craftmanship and a most competitive pricing structure.

Previous contracts have included the domestic customer to major assignments such as ICI, Phillips, Westland Helicopters, Vodaphone and Ferrari.

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Why do we need window film?

Windows are an essential feature of most buildings: availability of natural sunlight and a view out are important to us. Daylight renders colours more attractive and also provides much needed light. Glass has consequently become more and more a major feature of building design in recent years. However glass does bring certain problems too:

· A large proportion of solar heat as well as light is often admitted.This can lead to discomfort and mechanical cooling, which is costly in both finical and environmental terms.

· Glass may easily be broken and becomes a potentially lethal threat to occupants and the public.

· Glass is the weak point in many premises security

· Standard glass does not combine privacy with a view out

· Serve solar glare is uncomfortable, especially for screen users.


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