Project type: Historic Library, Oxford
Film type: Specialists UV Control Film
The Bodleian Library at Oxford University is one of the most foremost international libraries of advanced study and research in the world. Included in the six million items housed in the Library are many precious books, papers, manuscripts and maps, all of which have to be protected against damage and decay and preserved for the benefit of mankind.

A problem for the Library is the risk of ancient manuscripts of fading through contact with the UV solar radiation. Blinds could be kept permanently closed on all windows to act as a barrier to the sunlight, but this would spoil the ambience and make it necessary to use artificial light at all times. A far simpler solution was found that proved to be more efficient and cost-effective.

A number of windows were treated with clear window film developed specially for stopping UV light from the sun penetrating the glass. The film, manufactured by Madico and Known as Superscreen, was installed on the inside face of the individual panes of glass that make up the leaded light windows. As a result, the major cause of fading of fading manuscripts, inks and dyes has been significantly reduced.

Supercreen is a technically advanced transparent film developed specially for building needing a high level of protection from UV radiation. It saturates wit three levels of inhibitors that effectively absorbs up to 99.5% of UV transmission in the 300-390Nm range.

Bodleian Library at Oxford University

Because the film is clear, it is ideal for use on listed and historic buildings, as it does not alter the windows existing appearance. In addition to protecting valuable items from fading the film also safeguard them from damage from falling glass if a window is broken.

Superscreen is manufactured with an integral layer of an acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. When the film is installed, the adhesive holds firm and gradually cures over a few days to hold it permanently in place. The surface of the film is scratch resistant and will respond to regular cleaning with soapy water without causing the surface to haze.