The installation of Madico window film should be considered for any building where people gather - inside office complexes, retail centres, industrial facilities, government offices schools, hospitals just to name a few. Few investments can produce such an impressive array of benefits: an attractive financial payback, protection for people and property, amore comfortable and productive environment and enhanced building aesthetics.
By reflecting most of the sun's heat in the summer and reducing heat loss during the winter, utility bills are lowered because air conditioning systems and heating systems do not have to work so hard. The energy saving benefits are well documented.
PROTECTION Not only is the heat and glare dramatically reduced, but window film also screens out virtually all ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Since UV radiation and heat, in combination, cause the vast bulk of the fading of carpets, furnishing and display merchandise, goods and materials stay looking new for longer.
Window film also holds glass together when it is broken. This helps for example to deter "smash and grab" theft, minimizing damage caused by vandals and civil disturbances. The degree of protection varies with the thickness of the film installed.
Standard solar films are thin and provide the minimal protection whilst heavy-duty film are up to eight times thicker and provide maximum protection.

PEOPLE FRIENDLY Window film helps create a more comfortable working environment by reducing hot and cold spots on different sides of the building, or between locations next to windows and those interior spaces. The sun's glare is also reduced for those people near windows. All this means s a better more comfortable working environment for staff and visitors alike. By virtual elimination of UV radiation is also beneficially to people. Invisible UV rays are the major environmental contributor to skin cancer and premature aging of the skin.

ENHANCED BUILDING The application of the correct window film can also enhance the visual appeal of many buildings. It can make windows compliment the colour scheme of a building and make all the widows look uniform. This small investment can go along way towards making a building more pleasing visually and more inviting to visitors.