Project type: Fashion Stores, London
Film type: Specialists UV Control Film
Ultra violet can cause fading in fabrics, especially to merchandise on display in shop windows. To overcome this problem, Talbot's fashion store had Madico Superscreen window film installed on their Regent Street, London. The film virtually stops all UV light penetrating the shop front windows and thus removes the major cause of fading dyes in fabrics.

In addition to combating UV light it also makes the glass safer if it is accidentally broken - the glass will be shatter but essentially held intact by the film.

Superscreen is a technically advanced transparent film developed specially for buildings needing dual protection from UV radiation and explosive forces. The film is saturated with three levels of inhibitors, which effectively absorbs 99.5% of UV transmission in the 300-380NM range.

Because the film is clear, it does not change the appearance of the merchandise on display or appreciably affect the amount of visible light entering the shop.

talbots dept store, london

Superscreen is manufactured with an integral layer of an acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. When the film is installed, the adhesive holds firm and gradually cures over a few days to hold it permanently in place. The surface of the film is scratch resistant and will respond to regular cleaning with soapy water without causing the surface to haze.