Project type: Insurance Headquarters Building, London Film type: Multi-laminate Clear Safety Film
Glazing on buildings is particularly vulnerable if an explosion occurs nearby. The resulting high-energy force can cause the glass to break in to pieces and become dangerous flying missiles capable of inflicting injury to people and causing extensive damage to property and equipment.

As a precaution, an organisation representing the interests of the British insurance industry has had Madico Protekt safety film installed on the glazing of its Gresham Street Head Office in the city of London. The film forms a strong transparent shield that strengthens the glass to BS6206: 1981 class A.

In the event of an explosion it absorbs energy from the blasts and reduces the level of shattering and flying shards, thus reducing the risk to personnel and property.

The 195-micron optically clear Protekt film is specially structured, strengthened and coated with a formulated adhesive, which bonds it to the glass. It is made up of multiple layers of polyester film laminated together to give superior break and tear resistance.

The window film allows a high level of light through the glass without any visual distortion. A scratch resistant coating on the film will allow regular cleaning to be carried out with out risk to its optical clarity and appearance.