Project type: RAF Museum, Hendon Film type: Single-Ply and Multi-Laminate Clear Safety Film

Breaking glass can be a hazard to life and limb. If an accident occurs in a factory or public building, the glazing can become a danger to all staff and visitors

Many building owners are protecting against risk and having their glazing covered with Madico Protekt window film. A recent example is the RAF Museum, Hendon, North London, where almost 2,700m² of glazing have been treated with a clear safety film.

In accordance with the DOE Security Facilities/SSG's guidelines for security grade anti shatter film, 195-micron film was specified for the external windows of the museum's main building and Wings Restaurant, and internal glazing over 3m² in area.

In addition, glass on display cabinets inside the museum has been treated with Protekt to upgrade its performance to the requirements of Health, Safety and welfare Regulation 14. If a visitor to the museum accidentally falls or runs into a glass unit treated with Protekt, it will break safety and remain intact. This lessens the like hood of anyone being cut by glass.


The 195-micron film used at the museum is made up of multiple layers of clear laminated polyester. The laminated composition gives the film its ability to absorb the kind of high-energy forces typically caused by an explosion. A 100-micron single-ply film was selected for the glass on the display cabinets.

The CL400XSR 100-mircon film has been independently tested and met the requirements of BS6206: 1981 Class B classification and hence complies with Regulation 14.

Both films used at Hendon incorporate the madico scratch resistant coating.