Climate Change Levy Tax

Reflective films help to cut energy consumption of air-conditioning, making savings for companies in both direct energy costs and the Climate Change Levy.

This tax on commercial energy use, intended to promote energy efficiency and help reduce ‘greenhouse gas’ emissions, is particularly demanding on electricity usage.

The less electricity a company uses, the less CCL tax it has to pay (above a low minimum level), giving yet another incentive to make energy savings.

WHICH FILM? an easy reference guide



  • Low visual impact
  • Good solar control performance
  • High light transmission
  • Additional winter savings benefits
  • Reduced solar gain aids compliance with Building Regulations Document L2


Madico Sunscape® Sienna low mirror offers a balanced year round performance of good solar heat rejection with high light transmission and additional winter heat saving benefits.


These films available in bronze and grey, are specially metallised (sputtered) to allow plenty of light along with good solar control properties. Avoiding the mirrored look of traditional films, Sienna presents a architectural appearance.


Madico Neutralux® grey low mirror films are used where a neutral appearance is required, and ideally suited to architecturally sensitive buildings. These films achieve good solar heat and glare control but still allow vision both ways, and make less visual impact than mirrored films.