STANDARD BLINDS are expensive whether they are fabric, pleated or slatted blinds. They all offer low performance in the job of keeping out the heat from your conservatory. This is due to the heat having already entered the conservatory and the material is absorbing the sun's heat and then re-radiating it back in to the conservatory.

are similar to ordinary conservatory blinds but with a reflective backing, these blinds can offer a higher performance than standard blinds, but are more expensive. Like ordinary blinds, they still allow the sun's heat to enter your conservatory.

SOLAR INSERTS are reflective strips, which are inserted into the hollow of twin and triple polycarbonate. They are expensive, difficult to fit and may require panels to be removed from the roof, especially with a shaped conservatory - Victorian or Edwardian styles. The dilemma with solar inserts, is all the sun's heat entering through your polycarbonate roof, has to cope with the reflecting heat of the inserts, which get trapped inside the walls of the polycabonate, this could either warp the polycarbonate and/or turn it yellow and become brittle - leading to your roof becoming damaged. These solar inserts cannot be fitted to conservatories with a glass roof.

CONSERVATORY COOLING FILM has been specially designed for use on glass and polycarbonate roofs. For glass roofs the film is applied internally. Polycarbonate / plastic roofs have to be applied externally. This way the sun's heat is reflected back at source, before it has a chance to enter your conservatory roof. That is why we always recommend that the film is applied to the outside of the roof,so there is no risk of damage to your conservatory roof.