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Madico Reflecto-Shield® and Sunscape® reflective solar control films offer maximum heat rejection for internally applied films, and are of particular use in combating severe solar heat gain and glare problems.

Reflecto-Shield® and Sunscape® films can also provide additional benefits such as daytime privacy, uniform outside appearance and winter heating savings and as with all Madico films, 99% ultraviolet (UV) filtering. For specialist UV filtering in museums, etc see UV control film.


These films are applied internally and, in daytime, lend the glass a silver or coloured reflective outside appearance, whilst from the inside, the visual effect, much less noticeable, is a light tint.

Heat and light

These film help to reduce cooling costs and therefore Climate Change Levy Tax (CCL) liability by lightening the load on the air-conditioning equipment.
They also alleviate the discomfort caused both by excessive heat and by glaring reflections off VDU screens, assisting in the compliance with the Workplace (Health and Safety and Welfare) Regulations.

Climate Change Levy Tax

Reflective films help to cut energy consumption of air-conditioning, making savings for companies in both direct energy costs and the Climate Change Levy.

This tax on commercial energy use, intended to promote energy efficiency and help reduce ‘greenhouse gas’ emissions, is particularly demanding on electricity usage.

The less electricity a company uses, the less CCL tax it has to pay (above a low minimum level), giving yet another incentive to make energy savings.