WHICH FILM? an easy reference guide



  • Privacy with plenty of light
  • The flexible alternative to acid etching
  • Add logos or signage to internal and external glazing
  • Instant decorative designs using patterned film
  • Bespoke graphics with full range of colours
  • Achieve manifestation marking quickly and easily

Oplalux® Translucent Privacy Screening films are assured to give two privacy but at the same time retain good level of natural light. These windows films have a finely etch textured translucent matt finish and can be applied to new or existing glass.

For both new build and refurbishment projects, Opalux®, privacy screening films offer a cost effective and flexible alternative to traditional acid etching, sandblasting or printing.

These films allow freedom in the initial glass specification, with privacy being allocated later, when and where it is required. This is of great advantage when compared to acid-etching or screen printing as Opalux® films can be quickly and easily applied on site without removing the glass.

Applying these films gives you the option to remove, replace or update designs in the future if required.

For privacy screening combined with attractive bespoke designs, use Opalux® films with cutouts to your own specifications.

As well as adding a distinctive designer style to your office interior, this use of Opalux® films allows some through vision for reception areas and meeting rooms,etc., where total screening is not required, but some privacy and a high light transmission are desirable.