WHICH FILM? an easy reference guide



  • Privacy with plenty of light
  • The flexible alternative to acid etching
  • Add logos or signage to internal and external glazing
  • Instant decorative designs using patterned film
  • Bespoke graphics with full range of colours
  • Achieve manifestation marking quickly and easily

Oplalux® Graphics and Logos films can also be used to produce personalized window graphics for long term or temporary applications to glass.Ccompany logos can be used repeatedly to reinforce a corporate identity program or for manifestation marking of large glazed panels.

The logo or design can be made in the appropriate film (e.g. acid-etch effect PA902) and applied to plain glass or alternatively reverse cut out of a filmed panel.


A corporate window graphics programme can help launch a company's new visual identity, both internally and externally and on time.

A new logo or name style - which embodies the organisation's personality and positioning, and differentiates the new company from it's predecessor as well as its competitors - will need to be launched simultaneously to all employees, and then consistenlely repeated and defended all over the organisation.

Companies involved in corporate mergers, demegers and name changes are discovering the benefits of using a consitent and well planned window graphics policy to project their new identity to employees and to the public.


Corporate identity window grahics can offer you prompt on time installations and consistency in presentations.