In the summer, when the sun is high in the sky, up to 85% of the heat in your conservatory enters through your roof. It is therefore clear, that the secret to keeping your conservatory cool lies in controlling the heat before it enters through the roof. Conservatory owners, like you, have endeavoured to solve this problem with fabric and pleated blinds.

The performance of these however is poor because a significant amount of the sun's heat still enters the conservatory through the weave of the fabric. So, most of the sun's heat still enters through your roof, leading to excessive temperatures.

In the summer, conservatory cooling film fitted to your conservatory roof will reduce the internal temperatures by up to 80%. In the winter, when the warmth is needed more, 65% of the sun's heat enters through your side windows. This is due to the sun being lower in the sky. With conservatory cooling film fitted, this acts as an insulator, reducing the heat loss by up to 30%.