Project type: Conversion of Office Block to Hotel, Cardiff
Film type: Duralux Long Life Solar Control Film – Medium Silver
When a building under goes a change of use, the glazing is not always suitable for the new conditions. This was the case in Cardiff, when a building was converted from offices to a hotel.

Too much heat from the sun’s rays was penetrating the glazing, causing discomfort to guests and making the air conditioning inefficient. Replacing the glazing was considered but rejected because of the cost and the disruption it would have caused.

To solve the problem, the hotel owners had various types of solar control window film installed on some of the hotel rooms and monitored the results.

Temperature levels were regularly checked and finally Duralux window film, manufactured by Madico, was used on the external glazing throughout the entire building. The bedrooms no longer experience excessive solar heat gain and the air-conditioning system functions more efficiently.

The window film used on the hotel incorporates Kynar® polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) resin coating. Kynar® is the same type of surface finish which has been used to protect metal-clad structures and curtain-walled buildings world wide for years. This makes it more durable and hence suitable for external use.
Using the film on the outer face of the window ensures that the solar heat is reflected or absorbed by the film before it reaches the glass, reducing potential heat gain by as much as 80%.
The glass does not therefore suffer the high levels if heat absorption that can occur if a film is installed on the inside.This avoids the risk of glass in sealed double glazed units fracturing through thermal stress.