Project type: Office Block Refurbishment, Wembley
Film type: Reflective Solar Control Film
Heat and glare can cause considerable discomfort to staff in the working environment. This can be a problem not just during the summer months but on winter and spring days too when the sun is low on the horizon. This was the key factor in the decision to renovate the existing windows and upgrade them with a solar control film as part of a refurbishment programme at this Wembley office block.

Alternative options such as window replacement or the installation of secondary glazing were investigated but not considered cost effective or practical for this building. Therefore a series of product comparisons tests was carried out on a selection of grades of solar control film to determine which was best suited to meet the building’s needs.

Madico Refelecto-shield silver reflective film was finally chosen for all external elevations because it offers high levels of glare ands heat reductions. Made from laminated polyester film with a metallised aluminium-coated finish, it achieves excellent glare reductions and heat rejection through a combination of reflecting and absorbing the sun’s rays.

The film has increased the comfort levels inside the building and, through its ability to reduce the amount of solar heat entering the building, has enabled the air-conditioning units to function more efficiently.It has also reduced heat loss from the inside during winter, making the building more energy efficient.
The silver reflective film used at Wembley has transformed the appearance of the building, making a more significant visual contribution to the refurbishment programme. The reflective finish effectively conceals from view the perimeter columns directly behind the windows, giving the elevations a more streamlined look.